Can we use aluminum to make battery terminals for cars?

battery terminal corrosion Battery Terminal Covers maintain battery terminal

Just a perspective.

I’m sure every possible material has been considered tried and tested as a battery component by the manufacturer, engineers, and even the military.

How about the aluminum material for our battery?

I’m not sure if there is some kind of temperature issue for terminals like there used to be in house wiring terminations or not. Maybe an issue of generation of slag and corrosion from electrolysis at the terminals from chemical reaction or moisture contact.

And as conductive as aluminum may or may not be if it were used inside the battery itself as plates like lead are, it would have to meet all the requirements and demands that any battery does.

The ability to store power, transmit it, remain cool, and endure high demands and heat. To endure environmental elements of heat and cold, vibration, etc. And the continual chemical reaction that makes batteries work.

Aluminum oxide is an insulator. That’s a problem. It will occur when the battery terminals are exposed to the environment.

If it is not cleaned carefully, and the battery terminal is not carefully protected with a sealant (e.g. dielectric grease, and battery terminal covers), corrosion will form and will lead to a high resistance contact at the terminal. That will reduce the performance of the battery and produce heat. 


The advantage of the Lead material battery terminal

Above the problem, how to solve them? That problem is avoided with lead.

Battery Terminal Clamps with Material: lead(WARM TIPS: LEAD is
-Better than Aluminum Alloy--as Aluminum Alloy is Contact Weakness & Strong Corrosiveness.
-Better than Zinc Alloy--as Zinc Alloy is Strong Corrosiveness.
Better than Copper--as even copper is good quality.

Lead is probably easiest from a manufacturing perspective as well, since the battery already is full of lead plates. How would the internal lead plates be joined to the aluminum terminals?

aluminum wire, really good & safe for our home?

As an aside, aluminum wire was used in houses a while back (in the 1970’s ish) and caused fires because terminal contacts would corrode, cause high resistance aluminum oxide contact points, and get hot.

Today, if you have a house that still has aluminum wiring you have to be careful to protect the wiring contacts against corrosion by applying dielectric grease. Copper doesn’t have this problem because copper oxide is conductive.

You could use the aluminum material battery terminal for your car. and you can also use the aluminum material battery terminal connector. because aluminum is highly reactive. So it would need effective protection to stop corrosion. Cohomer battery terminal covers can do this job.

If it made sense the car companies would be using it.

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