Cohomer Battery Terminal Covers & Insulators Introductions

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Battery stud and battery terminal covers and insulators provide protection to the stud/post and battery terminal/cable from corrosion and other harmful debris. Covers and battery terminals boots can be found for studs, straight terminals, and marine terminals. Insulators are available for alligators and testing clips. Clip insulators also prevent corrosion and harmful chemicals while improving the lifespan of your battery clip. Get improved appearance on your battery applications and prolong the cable life by protecting your battery setup with battery terminal covers and clip insulators.

Cohomer battery terminal caps protects terminals from contact with metal or tools. High-Quality PVC Rubber won’t crack. Fits all gauges of wire. Easy installation. Universal fit most of the batteries, car, marine battery, and other fields/industry batteries.

Cohomer BTCC-Cover series battery terminal covers, soft style PVC material, this product is a little thick and stable and wear-resistant, the cover has great flame-proof, insulation, and dustproof performance for safe use. Perfect for battery terminal of most car, motorbike, truck, motorhome, and more. protecting the cable ends from dust and has a great performance in insulation, ensuring the security of using.

BTCC-cover series battery terminal boots/covers

And Cohomer also have some other type of thin battery terminal covers, very soft & smaller,  for the battery terminal cable & battery terminal connector, to protect the stud/post and battery terminal/cable from corrosion and other harmful debris, so that prolong the battery life.

Cohomer Battery terminal Covers products

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