Why do new cars still use fuses while modern homes use circuit breakers?

car circuit breaker fuse blade box

A fuse burns out when there is excessive current draw regardless of the voltage applied.

Circuit breakers pop when there is excessive current draw again regardless of the voltage.

the difference is that most circuit breakers also have an earth leakage component so that when there is a short that is dangerous, it trips so basically they only work for 110 or 240 volts applications.

Automotive circuit breakers cost many times what a fuse costs. It's all about profit for the manufacturer vs the sales price. Sure they could install circuit breakers but are you willing to pay several thousand dollars more when a simple fuse works fine and is inexpensive to replace?

I had a dying car that would blow fuses when the AC compressor was running. I didn’t use the AC but in winter I needed to use defrost many days. That would blow the fuse.

I researched a circuit breaker adapter you could buy, but read the problem of those is when they fail, they don’t cut the circuit. I decided that was a bad idea, and bought a pack of 100 fuses.

Still never went through them all before the car got retired. The breaker would have cost more than my giant package of fuses. the only trouble is that I need to take my time to change the damaged fuse. not convenient than the circuit breaker with reset function.

Likely though, you have lots more fuses in a car than in a home, and amperage varies greatly. I know the fuses in that car came in at least 4 different amp varieties for the mini fuses, and there were at least two fuse boxes, maybe three.
Cohomer Fuse block box
Circuit breakers cost more to make and take up more space, in a car space is at a premium, and the cost is very important.

vehicles do not have dangerous voltages that require a rapid, easily reversed, method of lock-out-tag-out to isolate circuits before working on them.

Because the number of faults that lead to a circuit overload is very low, and fuses are more than good enough to protect them.

Because of fuses are cheap and good enough. now there are many types of the fuse box, change the damage fuse very easy on the fuse box.

Whether you use the Fuse box or the circuit breaker, it depends on you and which problem you want to solve.

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